Dear Customers,

PT. Fiqry Jaya Manunggal was established in 2001 with variety of services in human resources training. These training programs range from publics to customized in-house training to meet the specific needs of our honored clients. Technical training is our main focus although soft skills, procurement & logistics and other topics are also in our radar.

Over the decade in services, FJM has enlarged the services to consulting services such as architect/fit out, graphic design & printing, and software development. Most of our clients are from oil/gas industries, power generation & mining.

We also serve on providing Health & Safety certification training issued by Kemnaker (Ministry of Human Resources) for both human resources and equipment certification. Such certificate/license has normally 3-years validity where we also serve to take care of such re-certification and extension process.

It is our commitment to provide the best services to Our Clients.