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Electrical Wiring Diagram & Electrical Control System



Electrical & electronic system involves numerous cables, connections, panels, etc. which certainly need proper connections to ensure those follow appropriate standards & codes to work technically safe & environmentally sound.

This training will bring participants to enhance knowledge in proper wiring & electrical control.


  1. Safety and Standard
  2. Drawing
  3. Wire Type and Preparation
  4. Soldering and Termination
  5. Cable Forming
  6. Connection and Routing
  7. Hardware
  8. Component Active
  9. Component Passive
  10. Switches and Lamps
  11. Earthling and Screening
  12. Electronics of control system
  13. PLC Wiring


Engineers, Supervisors, Technicians, Operators working within instrumentation, Production and Operation, Communication and Networking, Information Technology, Reliability who seek innovative and better performance of emerging industrial control and automation

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